Presented by RedLine in partnership with 40 West Arts and sponsored by Beston Homes Team, No Place to Go was an artist-made haunted house where unrealized fears manifest in an immersive world driven by choice-making and the horror of the binary. A collaborative project directed by Serena Chopra, Kate Speer and Frankie Toan, No Place to Go unfolded over five sites in a two mile radius along 40 West Arts and Wheat Ridge to create a pandemic-safe, multi-site car tour. The nine installations were designed by: nolan tredway, Michaela Mujica-Steiner + Emily Marie Passos Duffy, Moe Gram, Nicole Anona Banowetz, Hayley Krichels, Hayley Dixon + Renee Marino, Chrissy Espinoza + Grace Cooper, Steven Frost, and BAGBAYSHA (Chris BAGley + Koko BAYer + Thomas ScHArfenberg). 

Created during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, No Place to Go unhoused our fears by re-imagining the performance structure to support physical distancing for both the artists and the audience. Mike Clark designed a sound score to accompany the audience as they drove between the dispersed sites. The No Place to Go (NP2G) App designed by Bryan Costanza provided each car with a unique show route as well as show information to create a contactless experience, including custom-made interactions with the installations. Finally, the project was filmed in 360 degree video for a virtual reality option for audiences to experience the work from the safety of their own home. In total the project funded 37 artists (visual designers, videographers, photographers, performers, etc.). Approximately 588 people experienced the in-person version, while 71 received virtual reality cardboard goggles to view 360 degree video footage of the experience.

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Videographers: Carlos D. Flores & Julie Rooney. Video Editor: Julie Rooney.

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