Philly Contact Collective

The Philly Contact Collective was a group of unapologetic movement addicts who are fascinated by the body—how it moves, how it interacts with other bodies and how it responds to different spaces and environments. From 2009 to 2011, the collective met weekly to deepen the practice of performance improvisation. Core members included Kate Speer, Lee Fogel, Rowen Haigh, and Jenny Sawyer. Our practice was based in Contact Improvisation (CI) dance, but we also drew from a variety of different dance, movement and performance art traditions including modern dance, clown and neo-futurist performance.

List of Performances

  • 2010    mis/match: 50 min. performance improvisation, GLBT Arts Festival, Arts Bank, Philadelphia, PA
  • 2010    Get Curious: 10 min. performance improvisation, Studio Series, Studio 34, Philadelphia, PA
  • 2010    Truth or Dance: self-produced evening of member’s work and PCC’s performance improvisation, Studio 34, Philadelphia, PA
  • 2009    Wellspring: 10 min. performance improvisation, GLBT Arts Festival, Philadelphia, PA