Space Within These Lines Not Dedicated

Conceived and directed by Kate Speer.
Choreography and text in collaboration with dancers.

Space Within These Lines Not Dedicated is influenced by memoirs written during the Bosnian War (1992-1995). While reading these memoirs, I was struck by how these individuals from half a world away, had lives, memories, and emotions very similar to my own. Thus, this work highlights our shared experiences of living a life full of humor, some absurdity, and the persistence of human connections. My belief is that in generating empathy and understanding, we can resist both physical and mental acts of violence. To share our stories from our own words is as simple and as profound as sharing a cup of coffee, a ritual that signifies hospitality and the importance of taking the time to listen and relate.

This project was supported by the University of Colorado Beverly Sears Graduate Student Award and the Department of Theatre and Dance’s ACE Performance Enhancement Fund.