A City In Motion | May 11, 19 & 20

If you’ve experienced the chaos of I-25 during rush hour or logged five miles lapping RiNo while looking for a parking spot, you’ll understand Kate Speer’s “Borderlandia,” a dance and theater performance that meditates on the Mile High City’s overcrowding problem. Over a two-month residency at arts nonprofit Platte- Forum, Speer hosted public Q&A sessions with commercial and residential real estate agents to talk about how space, or the lack thereof, relates to their professions. She plans to incorporate the insights into her performance, which will feature a Mexican folklórico dancer and several house dancers, many of whom hail from different Denver neighborhoods. “I’m hoping to craft rooms particular to each dancer,” Speer says, “or other ways to divide the space so the audience can walk through it like a maze and feel cramped—and then think about what would happen if we got rid of each room’s walls and created one open space.” –